How to Change UID of Magic NTAG 213 215 216

MTools app after version 20220510_R1 supports complete cloning of NTAG which includes UID.

There are 3 main types of NTAG 213, 215, and 216.

Memory144 bytes504 bytes888 bytes
Pages44 pages134 pages230 pages
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Memory and Pages of NTAG

How to Read NTAG

  • Go to the List tab of the MTools app
  • Press + the enable scan dialog
  • Put NTAG close to the NFC antenna
  • Go to the Detail tab
  • Put NTAG close to the NFC antenna
  • The pages of NTAG will be shown

How to Full Clone NTAG

  • Click the color of all page ids to pink
  • Click the Write button on the dialog
  • Put Magic NTAG close to the NFC antenna

Where to Download MTools

The offical download center of MTools app is on Google Play Store. The apks of MTools app is available on Apkpure market app or website.

Some other Ultralight Apps

MIFARE++ Ultralight

MIFARE++ Ultralight is a tool to read, write, clone, edit all types of MIFARE Ultralight® tag variants, as well as transfer their contents among Android devices and computers in simple TXT format encoded in hexadecimal.

– MIFARE Ultralight (MF0ICU1)
– MIFARE Ultralight C (MF0ICU2)
– MIFARE Ultralight EV1 (MF0UL11)
– MIFARE Ultralight EV1 (MF0UL21)
– NTAG203 (NT2H0301)
– NTAG213 (NT2H1311)
– NTAG215 (NT2H1511)
– NTAG216 (NT2H1611)
– MIFARE Ultralight emulators

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