On 12 July, we were requested to suspend the pre-sale of Chameleon Ultra due to the official notification from Chameleon Ultra and the Kickstarter policy. The first production order of 2000 pcs Chameleon Ultra needs to be sent to the backers on the Kickstarter platform.


When will pre-orders be shipped? 

It needs to be in production for a second or third batch, probably in late August or early September.

Can the order be canceled? 

Yes, we can give you a full refund before shipping.

Can it be replaced with Chameleon Ultra Replica?

If you have any changes to your order, please submit the form below so we can process it promptly.

    What is Chameleon Ultra Replica

    • A forking project of ChameleonUltra under GPL3.0.
    • Same LF and HF hardware.
    • Share same softwares.
    • Optimized the antenna.
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