Mifare Classic Tool

For iOS

NFC Hardware

MTools Lite supports built-in NFC hardware and the external PN532 reader for extension and powerful functions. You can even send custom APDU command with cards.

Card Types

  1. Mifare Classic 1K
  2. NFC TAG
  3. Mifare Ultralight
  4. ISO1444-3A

Mifare Tools

MTools Lite provides free HEX tools such as Xor, BCC calculator. Also, color the sector data if it contains data in structures for better reading and analyzing. 


MTools Lite

MTools Lite is a developed with a smooth UI and efficient development by Flutter language. With the power of Flutter, we also release MTools Lite app both on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

App Store Play Store

PN532 BLE Reader

Support on platforms which includes Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and macOS. Available connection includes Type-C USB, Micro-USB, Bluetooth SPP and Bluetooth 4.0+.

How To DIY BLE Reader How To Use Terminal


Scan and show all 13.56MHz Tags


Change uid of the magic card.


Mifare offline cracking tool.

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