All about Mifare Ultralight

Mifare Ultralight is a type of near field communication (NFC) card developed by NXP Semiconductors. It is used for various applications such as public transportation, event ticketing, and loyalty programs. The Mifare Ultralight has a small amount of memory and limited security, making it cheaper and best suited for short-term or disposable tickets.

How many types of Mifare Ultralight are there?

Mifare Ultralight includes MIFARE Ultralight Original, MIFARE Ultralight C, MIFARE Ultralight EV1 (MF0UL1101), MIFARE Ultralight EV1 (MF0UL2101) and MIFARE Ultralight Nano.

Chip Memory Security Features Other Features
MIFARE Ultralight Original 64 bytes No cryptography Basic version, best for simple applications
MIFARE Ultralight C 192 bytes 3-pass mutual authentication (3DES) Higher security than the Original
MIFARE Ultralight EV1
48 bytes Password protection, counter, originality check Enhanced version, better security and anti-tearing support
MIFARE Ultralight EV1
128 bytes Password protection, counter, originality check Enhanced version with more memory
MIFARE Ultralight Nano 40 bytes ECC-based originality signature
3-pass mutual authentication
Designed for single-use applications

What’s the MIFARE Ultralight App

The App that supports MIFARE Ultralight reading and writing includes the MTools App and Mifare ++ Ultralight App on Play Store. 

Both Apps support reading and writing pages on the Mifare Ultralight Tag with inner NFC. And it can change the UID of magic 

MIFARE Ultralight Apk

Even MIFARE++ Ultralight was removed by Google, the Apk file is still available to download from other App Store for Android such as Apkpure.


MIFARE Ultralight Clone

MIFARE Ultralight Tag can be cloned to the UID changeable MIFARE Ultralight Tag. There are 2 types of UID changeable tag.

  1. Directly writeable (NFC on the Android)
  2. Gen3 Type (External reader required)

Directly Writeable Mifare Ultralight Tag Clone

Read pages from original tag

View Mifare Ultralight dump

Write dump to magic tag