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Brand: MTools Tec

All-in-one New PN532 Reader. Type-C & Micro-USB. Bluetooth 3.0 & 4.2 Extended.

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Bluetooth, USB

Working Frequency



Bluetooth, USB

Working Frequency



iOS App

Android App

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iOS App

Android App

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Environmental Performance

Working Temperature


Working Temperature


Weight 0.1 kg

Bluetooth, USB

Working Frequency


iOS App

Android App

, ,

Battery Capacity

300 mAh

Working Temperature



With PCR532 as the external reader, MTools supports reading, writing and analyzing the data. It also supports full dump clone on Magic Card.

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RFID Tools

PCR532 supports cracking with RFID Tools app for restore keys of Mifare Classic 1K card. It supports connection with USB and Bluetooth SPP.

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MTools Lite

With PCR532 you can read Mifare Classic 1K/4K Card or Key Fob via BLE. It also helps you to learn APDU command with built-in Terminal tool.

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POWER ThroughUSB – No Battery
SIZE 60mm   x 38mm
LED Power   / Transmit / Receive
Serial Chip CH340
Expandable YES
Platform Android / Windows / Linux / MacOS
Expanded Board
POWER 300 mAh Li-Battery
Charging C4056
SPP Version 3.0
BLE Version 4.2
Size 60mm   x 38mm
Connection Wireless
LED Charging / Connection
Expandable YES
Platform Android / iOS / Windows / Linux / MacOS

nfc-tool manual

Download Nfc-tools_reference_manual.pdf

Package Include

  • RFID-PN532 x1
  • Bluetooth Extend Board x1(Depending on the order)

Switch Button

  • Mode Switch: BT / USB / CONFIG
  • PIN Switch: RUN / CONFIG (This switch only available before V5.3.0)

Package Included

Device *1

USB-C Cable *1

Gen1A KeyFob *1

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31 reviews for All-In-One PN532

  1. David B. (verified owner)

    The PN532 BLE surpassed my expectations. It arrived promptly, and the customer service team was responsive and professional. This product is reliable and very convenient to use. I would give it a solid 5-star rating.

  2. K D. (verified owner)

    It works flawlessly and the customer support provided was top-notch. Highly recommended!

  3. Rene (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, and excellent product. Works flawlessly. Many thanks!

  4. James S. (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my purchase of the All-In-One PN532 reader! It is very easy to use and provides high-quality results.

  5. Emily T. (verified owner)

    This is a great PN532 reader! It is packed with advanced features and provides accurate reading of cards at 13.56MHz.

  6. David R. (verified owner)

    This is the perfect device for my needs.

  7. John D. (verified owner)

    Fantastic product!

  8. Lucy P. (verified owner)

    I received the product and it was packed very nicely in the box. The device is very small in size and is easy to carry around.

  9. John D. (verified owner)

    This is the best PN532 reader device that I have ever used! It works perfectly and reads all kinds of cards with high accuracy.

  10. Jeshua C. (store manager)

    I bought a pn532 module to make a DIY RFID reader but I didn’t like the way it required configuration before use. This All-in-one PN532 is much better than what I did. I recommand.

  11. Jan S. (verified owner)

    Ordered PN532, unfortunately the device was unable to read any cards, after a quick chat with the support we’ve confirmed it’s not functioning properly and I’ve been sent a replacement, which works great! 10 out of 10 service!

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I received it without any problems, the product was as described.

  13. Stuart (verified owner)

    Unfortunately I bought the wrong thing and didn’t know what I was doing BUT tech/customer support via whatsapp reached out and were great!

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

  16. Cristian G. (verified owner)

    Everything ok, good products quality. Wilson is the best partner for make business. Quick shipping and good communications!!!

  17. Dominik (verified owner)

    Didn’t receive it yet, but looks promising

  18. Jason Cooper (verified owner)

    This app makes it easy for a diy learner to quickly catch onto the fundamentals involved. The app is easy & intuitive, and I can’t wait to receive my “toys” in the mail!

  19. Paul (verified owner)

  20. Matt (verified owner)

    Great quality!

  21. Matthew S (verified owner)

    Brilliant app. As a researcher i found the tools productive and in working order. I recently updated my app amd lost my activation and Wilson was very helpful in resolving. If there are features that you think don’t work, i suggest you go on youtube for guides and tutorials how to use, or failing that Wilson can advise. This app has a very good reputation amongst security researchers amd developers.

  22. 65bit (verified owner)

    Super easy to learn, 10/10

  23. 김 성헌 (verified owner)

    매우 만족합니다. 다른분들한테도 추천합니다. very good

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

  26. Martin (verified owner)

  27. Javier Sánchez (verified owner)

    I am very disappointed with the transport, I bought it on November 29 and the product has not yet arrived.

    • admin (store manager)

      Hi Javier,
      The shipping days by Standard Post to Spain is about 12 working days.
      And the tracking number has been sent to you on 30 Nov.
      Please keep tracking of the package.

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice tool, work like is described.

  29. Scott (verified owner)

    Like its AWESOME quality.

  30. J Sanchez (verified owner)

    Free coffee hacking done.

  31. Glen Becker (verified owner)

    Better than the red one. I recommend.

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All-In-One PN532
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