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How to use mfkey32 on ChameleonUltra devices

What’s mfkey32? MFKey32 is a technique used against Mifare Classic cards to retrieve sector data without the proper key by exploiting weaknesses in its Crypto1 encryption. It involves capturing data from card-reader interactions during two authentication attempts, then leveraging the MFKey32 algorithm to reverse-engineer the key used by the reader, ultimately revealing the original state […]

How to Flash the Firmware of ChameleonUltra/ChameleonLite via Bluetooth

ChameleonUltra and ChameleonLite both support DFU Mode – Device Firmware Upgrade Mode. Based on NRF52840 chip, they can be operated with Both USB and bluetooth connection. Here’s a simple tutorial for upgrade th firmware of ChameleonUltra with only Bluetooth. MTools BLE MTools BLE App has supported upgrading the firmware of ChameleonUltra and ChameleonLite. Preparation With […]