Monthly Archives: May 2023

What’s the Difference between 3 Generations of Mifare Magic Card

There are 3 generations of UID Changeable Mifare Classic 1K/4K cards on the market. To those who are new to RFID magic cards, here’s the complete summary of those cards in 2023. Gen1 Protocol UID Length Size Mechanism Android NFC PN532 / ACR122U Proxmark3 / iCopy-X Mifare S50 4 Byte 1kb 16 sectors 64 blocks […]

New Features added to MTools Lite App

MTools Lite as the Mifare Classic Tool for iOS, the PN532 BLE reader is necessary. And recently, we have add more features to the MTools Lite App. It’s named Lite, but the function is never lite. The PN532 chip can not only read the ordinal tag information, it can also be used to open the […]