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How To Charge Multi-sector of Mifare Classic 1K Card

In version Ver.20210731_R1 of the MTools app on Google Play, we’ve added NEW FREE FEATURES which include charging Multi-sector of Mifare Classic 1K card with a single click. Here’s the comparison between upgrading before and after. Charging A Single Sector Add card, sector and keys of the card. Mark byte and apply rules of the […]

How to use Chameleon Tiny – Clone Card

What’s ChameleonTiny? The ChameleonTiny is an impossibly small version of the Chameleon Mini RevG, designed as a keychain emulator for all your HF tags. Emulating, storing, and manipulating RFID tags is a vital part of any pen-testing assignment. Its pocket small design makes it can be the smallest RFID device in our hand. How to enable clone […]