PN532 vs PN532Killer

In the realm of smart cards and wireless communications, PN532 and PN532Killer are two products that garner significant attention. They differ in features and capabilities when it comes to handling RFID and NFC communications. This article provides a detailed comparison of these two devices to aid users in making an informed choice.

Main Chip

PN532: Utilizes the PN532/C1 chip, a well-established solution for RFID and NFC.

PN532Killer: Employs the AD15N chip, offering more functionalities and extensibility compared to the PN532/C1.


PN532: Measures 3.6×6.0 cm, making it convenient for portability and integration into smaller devices.

PN532Killer: Sizing at 5.4×8.6 cm, slightly larger but provides more interfaces and extensibility.

Working Mode

PN532: Supports only Reader Mode, suitable for basic NFC reading operations.

PN532Killer: Supports Reader Mode, Emulator Mode, and Sniffer Mode, offering advanced NFC functionalities like card emulation and communication data sniffing.

Supported Protocols

PN532: Compatible with ISO14443A protocol.

PN532Killer: Supports ISO14443A and ISO15693 protocols, offering broader compatibility.

Supported Card Types

PN532: Capable of handling MIFARE Classic S50, S70, Ultralight, DESFire, and FeliCa cards.

PN532Killer: In addition to PN532’s supported card types, it also supports ISO15693 Tag-it HF-I Plus, SLIX tags, and EM41X (requiring LF extension).


PN532: Connects via USB-C or Micro-USB.

PN532Killer: Connects only via USB-C, providing faster data transfer rates.


PN532: Offers BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) extension.

PN532Killer: In addition to BLE extension, it also offers an LCD extension, allowing users to view device status and data more intuitively.

Firmware Upgrading

PN532: Does not support firmware upgrading.

PN532Killer: Supports DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade), facilitating updates and maintenance of device functionalities.

Emulator Features

PN532Killer unique features include emulation of MIFARE Classic 1K, NTAG, and ISO15693 tags, which is highly useful for development and security testing.

Sniffer Features

PN532Killer also boasts robust sniffing capabilities including Mfkey32v2 and Mfkey64, used for analyzing and cracking MIFARE protocols.

Make Your Choice

PN532Killer offers more features and extensibility compared to PN532, especially in emulation and sniffing, making it a more ideal choice for advanced users and developers. However, for users requiring only basic NFC reading functionality, PN532 might be a more economical and simple solution. The choice between the two should be based on specific needs and budget.

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