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The world’s only UHF RFID deactivation device.

  • Wirelessly disable UHF RFID tags
  • Industrial-grade tool tested specifically on embedded tags (shoes, apparel)
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UHF Tag Destruction Made Easy with NFCKill UHF Device

Destroying UHF tags can be challenging for several reasons:

  • Antenna shapes make induction more difficult. UHF tags typically have “Wing” style antennas, which are harder to induce compared to the more easily induced “Spiral” antennas found in HF tags.
  • Antenna configuration makes high-current induction difficult.
  • Tag orientation is crucial. Tags must align with the induction plane but are often embedded within products like clothes, shoes, and devices, making their configuration unknown.

Introducing the NFCKill UHF device, specifically designed to handle UHF RFID tags at an industrial scale. This cutting-edge solution has proven highly effective for our esteemed clients in several key applications:

  1. Destruction of UHF tags embedded in shoes.
  2. Destruction of UHF tags embedded in clothes.
  3. Destruction of UHF tags embedded in industrial products.
  4. Disabling RFID tags when the tag password is not provided by the supplier.
  5. Disabling anti-theft RFID tags that were not deactivated by the retailer.
  6. Disabling UHF tracking tags embedded to control brand and limit item resale.

Choose NFCKill UHF for seamless and efficient UHF tag destruction, offering unparalleled effectiveness in various industries and applications.

UHFKill Embedded Tags Demonstration

NFCKill UHF Specifications

  • Dimensions: 245 x 85 x 80 mm
  • Antenna Size: 160 x 150mm
  • Weight: 2.5KG
  • Voltage: 10 – 14VDC
  • Current: 6A (Max)
  • Instantaneous Power: 15kW
  • Operating Range: 5cm
  • Pulse Frequency: 5Hz
  • Device Operating Lifecycle: > 1,000,000 cycles

Compatible Tags:

  • All passive UHF RFID tags
  • UHF RFID Tags: 800 – 960MHz
  • Gen1 / Gen2
  • 98% coverage of common antenna formats

What’s Included:

  • 1x NFCKill UHF
  • 1x Power Supply

IMPORTANT: Each product is made to order – typical dispatch within 5 – 10 days of ordering.

UHF RFID Background

UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) tags are commonly found embedded in consumer products. These tags have an extended read range, making them valuable for logistics and quality control purposes during manufacturing. However, UHF tags are also utilized for less ethical reasons:

Brand Control:

Large brands often embed UHF tags in clothing, shoes, and apparel to track individual items and restrict distribution exclusively to their approved channels. While this approach serves legitimate purposes such as counterfeit prevention and retail theft reduction, many brands exploit RFID/UHF as a means of brand control. Companies engaged in clothing resale or customization (such as customized sneakers) often face legal threats from brands that trace their work through RFID tags embedded in the items. This happens despite the fact that their activities are protected under the first-sale doctrines.

Consumer Tracking:

UHF tags, with their unique signatures and difficulty of removal from clothing, shoes, etc., are utilized to track and potentially spy on customers. Retail environments, for instance, employ UHF tags to collect data on consumer behavior, tracking their movements, habits, and paths within shopping malls.

Apart from the standard reasons for tag management, the ability to disable UHF RFID tags is crucial for privacy and security concerns.


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