How to check the tracking number?

Login and View your order details in the Dashboard.
Notice: The Virtual Product doesn’t have a tracking number.

How to use the Activation Code?

Activation Code is used for unlocking the full features of MTools.
Install and open MTools on Android phones. Click Unlock Menu and then input the activation code in the dialog.

How many times the Code can be used?

One code can be used to unlock MTools app on one device at the same time It can be used to unlock 3 devices in total.

The activation code can unlock the full version of MTools Lite on one Android device and one iOS device.

How to connect PN532_BLE to Android?

PN532_BLE has USB in Micro type and C type. Mostly an extra OTG adapter is necessary for connecting. No need OTG adapter if you have double side Type-C cable for your phone or laptop.

PN532_BLE has Wireless connection in Bluetooth SPP 3.0 and BLE 4.0+. SPP is for connection with MTools app and RFID Tools app. BLE is for MTools Lite app.

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