NFC Kill Professional


NFC Kill Professional


The NFC Kill is the world’s only RFID fuzzing tool. It is used to securely disable RFID badges, test RFID hardware, audit access control failure modes, and probe / exploit RFID attack surfaces during penetration testing.

It is the only tool available to securely and permanently disable RFID cards in a manner compliant with the GDPR. Clients in high-security environments (Law Enforcement, Government, Corporate and Industrial) use NFC Kill as part of their Data Destruction Policy.


  • Secure Card Destruction: All common card frequencies: 13.56MHz, 125KHz, UHF (Including reader/writers)
  • New RFID Attack Surface: Test, glitch and disable RFID access control systems and badges.


  • Single Pulse and Continuous (2 Hz / 0.5s)
  • Output Voltage: ~1600V
  • Rechargable Li-ion, 3.3V Battery, Input Frequency: 3.3V, Battery Life: ~10,000 discharge cycles

Disclaimer: The NFCKill is a high-voltage device, containing several shock-hazards. It must be kept and operated in a controlled environment, by a trained and responsible technician. Unintentional damage may occur to due irresponsible operator error.


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