RFID Devices

Device that can check the frequency of RFID Tag. 125KHz or 13.56MHz?

Devices that can sniff communication of RFID tag and get the keys.

Devices that will destroy the IC chip of Tag or card.

UID Changeable Card

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WiFi Deauther


How to Flash the Firmware of ChameleonUltra/ChameleonLite via Bluetooth

ChameleonUltra and ChameleonLite both support DFU Mode – Device Firmware Upgrade Mode. Based on NRF52840 [...]

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What’re the Differences Between Chameleon Ultra & Chamele0n Ultra

Brand Owner The ChameleonUltra Repository was open-sourced by RRG – RFID Research Group. And they [...]

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Chameleon Ultra CLI Tutorial by Iceman

Here’s a latest video made by Iceman to show how to download, compile and run [...]

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What’s the Difference between 3 Generations of Mifare Magic Card

There are 3 generations of UID Changeable Mifare Classic 1K/4K cards on the market. To [...]

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New Features added to MTools Lite App

MTools Lite as the Mifare Classic Tool for iOS, the PN532 BLE reader is necessary. [...]

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Why did RRG stop ChameleonTiny and start ChameleonUltra?

Introduction of Chameleon Tiny The Chameleon Tiny Pro is a pocket-friendly powerful NFC emulation & [...]

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How to use Proxmark3 X on macOS

This tutorial is suitable for both M1 Chip and Intel Chip Macs. It is also [...]

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How to use PN532 on MacOS with libnfc mfoc and mfcuk

Use PN532 with libnfc, mfoc, mfcuk commands on macOS. Install nfc tools command on macOS. [...]


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