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RFID Reader

All-in-one PN532



Proxmark3 X


ISO15693 Reader

UHF Reader

Tag Emulator

Device that can be emulated as the LF(125KHz) or HF(13.56MHz) tag.

Tag Killer

Devices that will defective the IC chip of Tag or card.

UID Changeable Card

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PN532 vs PN532Killer

In the realm of smart cards and wireless communications, PN532 and PN532Killer are two products [...]

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How to fix connection failed on UHF Reader

What cause the connection failed on UHF Reader Program How to install the driver for [...]

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How to solve Serial Communication Error on Piswords UHF Reader

While using the Piswords UHF Reader with the provided software UHFReader09demo_en on their website, it [...]

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How to use mfkey32 on ChameleonUltra devices

What’s mfkey32? MFKey32 is a technique used against Mifare Classic cards to retrieve sector data [...]


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