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Chameleon & MTools BLE Review by RED TEAM

In the Christmas of 2023, the new version of MTools BLE released with the Magic cards reading and writing function on Chameleon Ultra. And our dev Wilson post it as the Christmas gift for everyone on twitter. Christmas gift for everyone 🎄MTools BLE supports fully and partially formatting and writing sectors on Ordinary Mifare Classic, […]

Unleashing the Power of Chameleon Ultra through MTools BLE App

A new wave of tech innovation was ushered in with the introduction of the Chameleon Ultra in 2023. Its ease of use, versatility of features, and compatibility with the MTools BLE App has been a game-changer, making it easier than ever to write on a myriad of cards, including Mifare Classic, gen1A (Chinese Magic card), […]

How to fix soft-bricked Magic Tag?

What is the soft-bricked Magic Tag? The soft-bricked means the magic card is set with the wrong configuration and cannot be identified or detected by the readers or the NFC on the phone. And it still can be fixed.  What may result in soft-brick? Which soft-brickeded Magic tag can be fixed? How to fix soft-brick […]

How to change the UID of Gen1A Magic Card with ChameleonUltra

Requirement Software Steps on Official Clients Steps on MTools Lite App Before proceeding with the following actions, please ensure that you have connected the ChameleonUltra device using MTools Lite’s Bluetooth connection feature. With Chameleon CLI With UID Changer This premium feature enables you to effortlessly change the UID of your Gen1A Magic Card with just […]

How to Flash the Firmware of ChameleonUltra/ChameleonLite via Bluetooth

ChameleonUltra and ChameleonLite both support DFU Mode – Device Firmware Upgrade Mode. Based on NRF52840 chip, they can be operated with Both USB and bluetooth connection. Here’s a simple tutorial for upgrade th firmware of ChameleonUltra with only Bluetooth. MTools BLE MTools BLE App has supported upgrading the firmware of ChameleonUltra and ChameleonLite. Preparation With […]

What’re the Differences Between Chameleon Ultra & Chamele0n Ultra

Brand Owner The ChameleonUltra Repository was open-sourced by RRG – RFID Research Group. And they started the Kickstarter campaign in 2023. The trademark Chameleon Ultra is registered by the RRG team. Manufacturer Primarily the Manufacturer of ChameleonUltra devices is made in the JLC factory. The Chamele0nUltra devices are not made by the JLC factory because the precision […]

Chameleon Ultra CLI Tutorial by Iceman

Here’s a latest video made by Iceman to show how to download, compile and run the commands line interface for Chameleon Ultra device. Chameleon Ultra Repository Iceman Github Link

What’s the Difference between 3 Generations of Mifare Magic Card

There are 3 generations of UID Changeable Mifare Classic 1K/4K cards on the market. To those who are new to RFID magic cards, here’s the complete summary of those cards in 2023. Gen1 Protocol UID Length Size Mechanism Android NFC PN532 / ACR122U Proxmark3 / iCopy-X Mifare S50 4 Byte 1kb 16 sectors 64 blocks […]

New Features added to MTools Lite App

MTools Lite as the Mifare Classic Tool for iOS, the PN532 BLE reader is necessary. And recently, we have add more features to the MTools Lite App. It’s named Lite, but the function is never lite. The PN532 chip can not only read the ordinal tag information, it can also be used to open the […]

Why did RRG stop ChameleonTiny and start ChameleonUltra?

Introduction of Chameleon Tiny The Chameleon Tiny Pro is a pocket-friendly powerful NFC emulation & manipulation tool that is based on the open-source project ChameleonMini The Chameleon Tiny is to be a smaller ChameleonMini and to be more end-consumer friendly. The Pro version adds Bluetooth connectivity for quicker interaction via the Android application. It […]