How to Clone to Magic Card with MTools

In general, cloning a magic card requires a complicated software compilation process under Windows or [...]


What’s the Differences Between Mifare Classic 1K, 4K and Mini Card

The most widely used RFID card on the world is the Mifare Classic 1K card. [...]

How to use Mifare Classic Offline Cracker

MFOC is an open-source implementation of an “offline nested” attack by Nethemba. It allows recovering [...]

How to do Infinite Clone on Mifare Classic and Ultralight Card

There’s a NEW feature on Ver.20200223_R1 of MTools, named Infinite Clone, which will help you [...]

How To Import/Export Cards Data

In order to support backup and restore card rules, MTools support exporting all card information [...]


How To Preview Expression And Data Before Writing Back

After all the value bytes and check bytes have been marked and all expressions have [...]

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How To Use Expression Helper in MTools

MTools uses the mXparser library, so it can fully calculate with all the algorithms provided [...]

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How to clone Mifare Ultralight Tag on Android

Today, NFC tags are widely used in various fields, such as product information, authenticity verification, [...]

Can UID be changed on Mifare 1K Card?

A lot of guys want to clone their access card, so they buy more Mifare [...]

How to calculate CRC8 & CRC16 in MTools

MTools supports on CRC8 and CRC16 algorithm, which means you don't need to calculate it [...]

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