How To Get Free MTools Activation Code

MTools activation code can be used on the MTools app and MTools BLE app. MTools Lite app is developed with Flutter code language, and it’s synchronized published on App Store and Play Store.

Now we provide time-limited deals to get free activation codes for both MTools and MTools BLE app.

Steps To Get Code for iOS

  1. iOS devices (iPhone 7 or later)
  2. Search Mifare Classic Tool in App Store and install MTools BLE app.
  3. Register account in MTools BLE app.
  4. Leave 4 – 5 stars review of experience of the app in App Store.
  5. Submit the screenshot or nickname and account information.
  6. Get the code order when the comment is visible.

    How To Unlock MTools BLE?

    1. Click About tab.
    2. View all orders.
    3. Click link icon on orders with key icon.

    How To Unlock MTools?

    1. Copy the activation code.
    2. Click premium features dialog.
    3. Paste the code and submit.

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