How To Upgrade Firmware for iCopy-X

iCopy-X is well-known as the next generation of Proxmark3 RDV4. It’s released on Kickstarter for 3 series, iCopy-X, iCopy-XR, and iCopy-XS. It’s the most powerful RFID hacking device in the world, also the team has been developing new features and continuing to provide the latest firmware support for the device. Here’re the steps to get the latest firmware.

Build The Latest Firmware

  1. Open firmware update website.
    iCopy-X Firmware Site

2. Submit Device S/N, Email, and Captcha Code.

3. Wait for the server to build finish.

4. Download the ipk file.

Upgrade the Firmware

  1. Turn on PC mode of iCopy.
  2. Connect to the device where ipk file is downloaded.
  3. Copy ipk file to the root location of iCopy.
  4. Turn off PC mode.
  5. Go to 2nd page in About menu.
  6. Click “OK” to start upgrading.

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