How To Test PN532 Working With Bluetooth Module?

While choosing Bluetooth Module for wireless connection between mobile and the PN532 board, there exist 3 types of Bluetooth Module on the market, SPP type, BLE type, and Dual-Mode type.

SPP stands for Serial Port Profile for Bluetooth under the 3.0 version. BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy for Bluetooth over the 4.0 version. The max transaction speed of different Bluetooth Modules is different.

Baud Rate 115200

The baud rate of the Bluetooth Module needs to be set to 115200. So you have to connect the module with USB serial board. Then config the baud rate and Bluetooth Module name with AT commands. You also need to contact the seller to get the latest documents for AT commands.


BT  VCC ->> VCC PN532
    GND ->> GND 
    TXD ->> RXD
    RXD ->> TXD

PN532 on SPP

Only Android and PC devices support SPP service. 

The Bluetooth Module has to be paired in system Bluetooth settings firstly. 

Available Android App: 

PN532 on BLE

With the MTools Lite app, PN532 can also work on iOS and Android with BLE Connection. But different BLE Module has different UUID for notifying and writing characteristic.

Debug PN532 on BLE

LightBlue on App Store

Raw Command Test

  1. Scan and connect to the BLE module
  2. Find Notify Service and Enable Li sen for notifications.
  3. Send hex byte through Write Service to active PN532
  4. If connection and configuration is well, the PN532 will response with

Wake-up Test

MTools Lite App support wake-up test by one click if the Bluetooth Module has the configuration below:

BrandService UUIDNotify UUIDWrite UUID


Not Working?

  1. Re-check the connection
  2. Let us know the full UUIDs of the BLE Module board, and we’ll update it to the APP for more adaptions.
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    • admin says:

      Would you please share the notify and write UUID? Or you can rename the BLE name to PN532_BLE to access the functions.

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