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How to Clone Mifare Card to Mi Band NFC with iCopy-XS

As the most powerful hand-hold RFID Device, iCopy-X is super easy to clone the Mifare Classic 1K card to your Mi Band. There’re only 4 steps to finish the whole process. Preparation iCopy-XS device and 1 pc Mifare Magic Card. Zepp Life App. Steps to Clone 1. Get Full Dump Data of Original Card Put […]

How To Upgrade Firmware for iCopy-X

iCopy-X is well-known as the next generation of Proxmark3 RDV4. It’s released on Kickstarter for 3 series, iCopy-X, iCopy-XR, and iCopy-XS. It’s the most powerful RFID hacking device in the world, also the team has been developing new features and continuing to provide the latest firmware support for the device. Here’re the steps to get […]

Life Saver for RFID Cloning

The iCopy-X is known as the easiest device to clone IC/ID cards, you don’t need to learn a lot of basic Linux commands or work on pc for programming work, just need to click on a single button. Access Card Clone Quickly Copy Step Step 1: Place the original card Step 2: Click the “S/R/W” […]

iCopy-X Technical Report

iCopy-X is the game-changer of RFID devices. Its portable design and smart multiple solutions make fast decoding a reality. iCopy-X will help you quickly become an expert in the RFID area. Extreme RF Optimization Decodable Card Types Built-in Storage & Tools Playability For Learning Ability of Decoding

How iCopy-X works as Proxmark3 RDV4

iCopy-X can works as an pocket Proxmark3 RDV4, during reading or cracking keys, when you press button right, it will navigator to the familiar command UI as Proxmark3 terminal on Windows. iCopy-X vs Proxmark3 The most powerful all-in-one RFID Copier with a built-in screen. No need extra host controller.