How to Clone Mifare Card to Mi Band NFC with iCopy-XS

As the most powerful hand-hold RFID Device, iCopy-X is super easy to clone the Mifare Classic 1K card to your Mi Band. There’re only 4 steps to finish the whole process.


  1. iCopy-XS device and 1 pc Mifare Magic Card.
  2. Zepp Life App.

Steps to Clone

1. Get Full Dump Data of Original Card

Put the card on iCopy and click Auto-Copy. Wait for about 10 seconds to get a full dump in the machine.

2. Write UID and factory information to Mifare Magic Card

Follow the step on the screen and write data to a Mifare Classic Card.

3. Use Zepp Life(MiFit) App to Simulate the Mifare Magic Card

4. Write data back to Mi Band NFC

Just click write to restore dump to the Mi Band NFC.


  1. The Zepp Life(MiFit) app does not support cloning the encrypted Mifare card, so we made a copy of block 0, which includes the UID, BCC, and manufacturer information.
  2. The simulation of Mi Band NFC can have the same UID and BCC bytes, but the later bytes after BCC may be different from the original cards because of the hardware limits.
  3. Currently, only Mi Band 7 NFC has full block 0 cloned because of the hardware supported.

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