How to change UID of Mifare Classic S70 4K Tag with Proxmark3 X

The ordinary Mifare Classic S70 4K Card has 2 series which have different UID counts, one has 4 bytes UID and another one has 7 bytes UID. The 4 bytes UID has 8 characters while the 7 bytes UID has 16 characters. The UID of the ordinary Mifare Classic S70 Chip is not changeable. In order to fully clone the Mifare Classic S70 4K card, the Magic Mifare S70 4K Card is necessary.
Proxmark3 X is full-support on 13.56MHz Magic Mifare S70 Tag and is super easy to change the UID by a simple command.

Where to Buy UID Changeable Mifare S70 4K Card

Execute Command in Terminal

Proxmark3 X has Type-C and Micro-USB sockets for connection for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Switch to default mode 0 and connect to the host. Now open the terminal or GUI program of Proxmark3 Platform.

How to Read the UID of Mifare S70 4K Tag

Command Line

hf 14a reader

Reading Result

hf 14a reader

How to Set the UID of Mifare S70 4K Tag

Command Line

//Set uid for 4-byte UID Magic Mifare S70
hf mf gen3uid --uid 11223344
Change UID of Mifare Classic S70 4-byte UID Card
//Set uid for 7-byte UID Magic Mifare s70
hf mf gen3uid --uid 11223344556677
Change UID of Mifare Classic S70 7-byte UID Card

Execute Command in RFID Tools App

Proxmark3 X can work with the RFID Tools app via Bluetooth or USB connection. After a successful connection, you can run the commands above just as a terminal on Windows, macOS, or Linux.

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