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PN532 vs PN532Killer

In the realm of smart cards and wireless communications, PN532 and PN532Killer are two products that garner significant attention. They differ in features and capabilities when it comes to handling RFID and NFC communications. This article provides a detailed comparison of these two devices to aid users in making an informed choice. Main Chip • […]

How to Change the UID of Chinese Magic Card on iPhone

As we know, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are equipped with NFC technology. It is a new technology that allows you to use your iPhone to make payments, share information, and more. But the NFC hardware on iPhone is limited with few features for clients. So we can’t use it to do some […]

How to make PN532 work on Bluetooth

Usually, PN532 is used to work on USB serial board. And with Bluetooth Serial Board, it can be turned into a wireless RFID Detector. Here’s the tutorial of How to make PN532 work on Bluetooth. Video Tutorial Step 1: Prepare materials and tools The boards and main parts we need. PN532 *1 USB2TTL *1 Bluetooth […]