How to make PN532 work on Bluetooth

Usually, PN532 is used to work on USB serial board. And with Bluetooth Serial Board, it can be turned into a wireless RFID Detector. Here’s the tutorial of How to make PN532 work on Bluetooth.

Video Tutorial

Step 1: Prepare materials and tools

The boards and main parts we need.

  • PN532 *1
  • USB2TTL *1
  • Bluetooth Serial Board *1
    iOS only support Bluetooth 4.0+ version
    Android support Bluetooth 2.0+ version
  • Dupont Line *4
  • Battery *1

Step 2: Test PN532 on USB2TTL

Testing on PN532 on USB2TTL is necessary to make sure this 2 module work can work well and can forward to next steps. Or you can pause here if you just need PN532 to work on USB.

Connection of USB serial Module and PN532 Module:
        VCC ->> VCC
   USB  GND ->> GND  PN532
Serial  TXD ->> RXD  Module
        RXD ->> TXD

Software or apps we’re using for testing.

Step 3: Config Bluetooth Module

Bluetooth Serial Module I’m using is HC-06, which has a default Baud at 9600. So it has to be adjusted to 115200 which PN532 works on.

Connection of USB serial Module and Bluetooth Module:
         VCC ->> VCC
  HC-06  GND ->> GND  PN532
    SPP  TXD ->> RXD  Module
         RXD ->> TXD

HC-06 model can be configured on AT mode when it’s not wireless connected. Remember to set the default Baud to 9600 at SPP program at first time.
Check Connection: AT >> OK
Change NAME: AT+NAMEMT-PN532 >> OKsetname

Change BAUD to 115200: AT+BAUD8 >> OK115200

Check VERSION: AT+VERSION >> LinvorV1.8

Step 4: Connect PN532 and Bluetooth Module

Connect PN532, Bluetooth serial module and the battery to finish all work.

Connection of PN532 and Bluetooth Module:
         VCC ->> VCC
  HC-06  GND ->> GND  PN532
    SPP  TXD ->> RXD  Module
         RXD ->> TXD

Step 5: Bingo! Here it is!

Now try to enjoy read and write with this wireless reader. 😀

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4 thoughts on “How to make PN532 work on Bluetooth

  1. Hans says:

    Don’t waste your time. The DIY reader doesn’t work with the app, neither on iPhone nor on Android phone. I tried very hard with different modules and mobile phones. Pairing and connecting is ok but the app steadfastly refuses to initialize or wakeup the reader.

    • admin says:

      Hi Hans,
      The PN532 DIY module has been verified and proved with a lot of RFID fans.
      To make it works, please make sure the list below
      1. The HSU mode on PN532
      2. BLE module under 115200 baud rate
      3. Wiring method from Bluetooth module PN532

      If you have more questions, you can join us at Telegram Group.

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