How to Clone to Magic Card with MTools

In general, cloning a magic card requires a complicated software compilation process under Windows or Linux, and operates on a complex command line. However, with the MTools app, you can never clone a magic card with such elegance and simplicity.

Features of Magic Card

  • Changeable block 0 (UID included).
  • Support backdoor command on external device.
  • NFC can not change UID on
  • Never die.

Things to prepare

How to clone

  1. Connect the PN532 to the phone via OTG.
  2. Open MTools and connect the device.
  3. Add keys of sector 0 on the original card.
  4. Read sector 0 of the original card.
  5. Put the magic card close to PN532.

Clone via MTools on Android

Why is so fast

MTools has built in backdoor command tools. When you click the dialog of Cloning, the app will communicate with PN532 chips with compiled-libnfc to confirm if it’s a magic card. If so, the card will be unlocked for writing data without keys required.

Tips you need to know

  • The ordinary Mifare 1k card cannot change the UID, even it shows write success.
  • Datas of UID card and UFUID card can be changed without keys.
  • Datas of CUID card can be changed only with keys.

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    • admin says:

      Hi there,
      You can check the card type with MTools app. Then choose suitable RFID Reader and the magic card to clone the card.

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