What’s the Differences Between Mifare Classic 1K, 4K and Mini Card

The most widely used RFID card on the world is the Mifare Classic 1K card. You might start leaning RFID by using the Mifare Classic Tools or MTools app on Android. There exist more than 3 types of Mifare Classic Card on the market. The top 3 you may see are named 1K card, 4K card, and Mini Card.

Size Comparison

224 bytes752 bytes3 440 bytes

Sector Comparision

5 sectors16 sectors40 sectors

Block Size

Sector Index0 – 3132 – 39
Block Size416

How To Read

To read/write/charge Mifare Classic mini and 4K Card, you just need the KeyA and/or KeyB just like 1K card.
Sector can be chosen from 0 to 39 (40 in total).

More Features on MTools

MTools can recognize common rules of data and color the bytes. Here’s the example to show them in sector 33 and sector 3.

Then the rules can be added to one block or multi blocks in first 3 blocks or first 15 block of each sector in Mifare Classic Card.

Notice: Features of reading/writing/charging Mifare Classic 4K card is free and available after Version 20200320_R1.

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