How to Flash Firmware of Proxmark3 X on the Phone

Proxmark3 X comes with Bluetooth Module and USB Socket Extensions. And Proxmark3 X also supports the official Proxmark3 Firmware from RRG. The repository of original Proxmark3 Firmware is listed below.

Repository: RfidResearchGroup/proxmark3

Proxmark3 X Documents:

Stable Firmware of Proxmark3 X: Firmware of Proxmark3 X

But Proxmark3 X is specifically built with specific functions. We built the firmware of Proxmark3 X not only Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS support. But also independent ID copy mode. In this update, We’ll show you how to flash the firmware of Proxmark3 X on the phone with the RFID Tools app.


  1. Android Phone with RFID Tools App installed.
  2. OTG Adapter and USB Cable.
  3. The latest firmware of Proxmark3 X.

Step to Flash the Firmware

  1. Unzip and copy the firmware files to the phone, which includes bootrom.elf and fullimage.elf.
  2. Open the RFID Tools app and click on PM3 Firmware Flasher in tools.
  3. Click custom firmware and choose the corresponding files.
  4. Connect Proxmark3 X to the phone with an OTG adapter and USB cable.
  5. Toggle OTG functions and click flash.
  6. Allow the RFID Tools app to connect the Proxmark3 several times.
  7. Done with OS Flash Success toast message.


If the phone does not detect the Proxmark3, try to hold the PM3 Button while connecting to the phone.

Video Tutorial

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