How iCopy-X works as Proxmark3 RDV4

iCopy-X can works as an pocket Proxmark3 RDV4, during reading or cracking keys, when you press button right, it will navigator to the familiar command UI as Proxmark3 terminal on Windows.

iCopy-X vs Proxmark3

The most powerful all-in-one RFID Copier with a built-in screen. No need extra host controller.

4 thoughts on “How iCopy-X works as Proxmark3 RDV4

  1. Alex says:

    Does this work on a Mac. When I install Proxmark using brew from the link on the product details page I get the following error:

    – Capabilities structure version sent by Proxmark3 is not the same as the one used by the client!
    – Please flash the Proxmark with the same version as the client

    I know it can be done, is there a specific branch I need to use/do you have a link to a guide of some sort to connect icopyx to Mac without using a windows vm

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