How To Use PN532 To Restore Mifare Classic 1K Keys on Android Phone

PCR532 and All-in-one PN532 are the lightest full-function PN532-based RFID hacking device that can easily work around with 13.56MHz tags. PCR532 is even built with Bluetooth support. In this article, you’ll learn how to crack Mifare Classic 1K keys with PCR532 on a single Android phone.

What’s Mifare Classic 1K Keys?

Mifare Classic 1K card has 16 sectors, from Sector 0 to Sector 15. Each sector contains 4 blocks. The trailer block contains KeyA, access-control byte, and KeyB. You need to authenticate the keys every time before reading or writing data to each sector.

Why We Can Restore Mifare Classic Keys?

The cracking principle of restoring keys of the Mifare Classic card is based on MFOC – Mifare Classic Offline Cracker. MFOC is an open-source implementation of an “offline nested” attack by Nethemba.

How To Restore Mifare Classic Keys on Android Phone?

Using the RFID Tools app from Play Store. It’s the most powerful RFID app for Proxmark3, PN532, and ACR122U Reader.

Click Here to install the app from Google Play Store.

Steps To Restore Mifare Classic Keys

  1. Click PN532 in RFID Tools app.
  2. Connect the PCR532 | PN532 in app.
    1. Connect with Bluetooth
    2. Connect with USB
  3. Click the Mfoc tab then click Run.
  4. Waiting for the app to restore all keys and full sectors.
  5. Then modify or clone tags with the dump file.


Why RFID Tools app request location permission?

The location permission is required since Android 5.0 for using Bluetooth functions. The app has clean and powerful. And the code is open-source on Github.

How fast is PCR532 or PN532 to get a key?

The speed of restoring keys depends on the encrypted sector counts and the ability of the Android phone.

Does the USB craking faster than Bluetooth?

Yes, there is a large amount of data transfer between the phone and PN532 while doing cracking. The Bluetooth module is working under a 115200 baud rate which is about 14kB/s.

Can I export the dump file?

Yes, you can export the dump file easily in the RFID Tools app.

Can PCR532 or PN532 work on iPhone?

Yes, it can do reading, writing, and cloning NFC tag on iPhone with MTools Lite app. But no functions for cracking keys.

Can PCR532 or PN532 work on Windows?

Yes, PCR532 can work on all libnfc-based programs for Mifare Classic 1K tags.

All-in-one PN532 | PCR532

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