New Features added to MTools Lite App

MTools Lite as the Mifare Classic Tool for iOS, the PN532 BLE reader is necessary. And recently, we have add more features to the MTools Lite App. It’s named Lite, but the function is never lite. The PN532 chip can not only read the ordinal tag information, it can also be used to open the backdoor of the magic card with specific commands. Check out below for the new updates recently.

TAG Scanner

A retro-inspired display screen that seamlessly connects with PN532 to continuously read card UID and display a list of card IDs. Ideal for warehouse management, product inventory, and more, it supports all ISO1444-3A cards at a frequency of 13.56MHz.

Mifare Keys Manager

Complete Mifare Keys management interface, supports public key, private key, and historical key. The public key comes from the Internet, and you can update the latest public key at any time. The private key is added by the customer, or imported from a key text file. The historical keys are grouped according to the UID of the card, so that the App can find the keys of different sectors of the card at the fastest speed. User editing is also supported.

Change UID of the Gen3 Magic tags

The Gen3 magic tags are only supported by Proxmark3 and ACR122U readers before. We bring it to the App with only PN532 Reader support. No need for any command requires. MTools Lite app provides a friendly UI to generate or modify the UID of the Gen3 Magic Card super easily.

MCT (Beta)

It is the Mifare Classic Tool, which mean it can use the keys for restoring data from Mifare Classic 1K and 4K card. The whole panel show the Tag info, Keys status, sector data and action buttons in column. Also clients can load the dump file, such as mfd, mct from the file. And save it as a new file or share it to others.

Request New Features

    Due to the hardware limitations of iOS, we use an external Reader to expand the functions of the App. If you have more interesting ideas, you can tell us that they can be quickly developed and integrated into the App.

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