How to Flash the Firmware of ChameleonUltra/ChameleonLite via Bluetooth

ChameleonUltra and ChameleonLite both support DFU Mode – Device Firmware Upgrade Mode. Based on NRF52840 chip, they can be operated with Both USB and bluetooth connection. Here’s a simple tutorial for upgrade th firmware of ChameleonUltra with only Bluetooth.

MTools BLE

MTools BLE App has supported upgrading the firmware of ChameleonUltra and ChameleonLite.

  1. Enter Chameleon GUI
  2. Choose Firmware Upgrade
  3. Select ChameleonUltra or Lite
  4. Select DFU device
  5. Start to upgrade


With DFU App

nRF Device Firmware Update is a mobile app for updating nRF5 SDK firmware using Bluetooth Low Energy as a transport.

Download the latest zip package of your ChameleonUltra or ChameleonLite.



  1. Enter the DFU Mode There are 2 ways to enter DFU Mode
    Option 1: Connect ChameleonUltra in MTools Lite and click Enter DFU Mode.
    Option 2: Hold on Button B and plugin USB Cable. Once get in DFU Mode, you can see the two LEDs in the middle blinking alternately.
  2. Choose firmware file in DFU App.
  3. Select Bluetooth devces whose name starts with CU-.
  4. Click Upload button to upload and upgrade the frimware.
  5. Wait for 1 mins to click Button A to power on ChameleonUltra again.

Fimware – The firmware only includes application parts. – The firmware includes both application and bootloader.

Choose or depending on your devices.

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