Hackrf One Portapack H1


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The Portapack is a highly versatile add-on for the HackRF One software-defined radio. As a standalone device, it provides an array of features that allow for signal recording, decoding, and transmission without the need for a computer. Its capabilities range from receiving FM broadcasts to acting as a push-to-talk or voice-activated walkie-talkie. With the ability to save recorded signals directly to an SD card, the Portapack offers a convenient and powerful toolset for radio frequency exploration and experimentation.

The Portapack is an excellent expansion board that works in tandem with HackRF. It allows you to experiment with signal recording, signal receiving and decoding, and signal transmission without the need for computer software.

Key Firmware Features:

  1. Receiver Functionality: With WFM, you can receive FM broadcasts. Set the frequency of the FM station where the digits before the decimal point represent MHz. For example, to receive Beijing’s 97.4MHz, set parameters similar to the following.

  2. Signal Recording and Replay: One of the best features of Portapack is its ability to easily record wireless signals and replay them. To record a signal, simply select the “Capture” function in the main menu, set the working frequency band for the signal you need to record, and select the “R” button via the knob. Once recording is finished, the recorded signals are automatically saved to the SD card.

  3. Microphone TX Function: By using the 3.5mm headphone jack in Portapack, you can turn your Portapack + HackRF into a standard push-to-talk or voice-activated walkie radio. Insert headphones into the headphone jack, enter the Portapack’s Microphone TX menu, and set it up as shown below. You can then transmit voice signals by pressing the “right” button on the knob. When you press the “right” button, the Tx LED light on the HackRF development board will light up, indicating that the voice is being transmitted.

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Hackrf One Portapack H1