Mouse Jiggler


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Brand: MTools Tec

The USB Mouse Jiggler acts as a generic USB mouse and with random periodically generates an small, random cursor movement. This movement is unnoticeable for the human eye but far enough to make the operating system believe the user is active. The mouse cursor movements always refers to original cursor position, so you can leave the Mouse Jiggler for months and cursor will not crawl out of the screen or active application window as it does with other products. The device will not interfere with your regular work and it’s presence is unnoticeable for regular computer usage. Plug it in and that’s it!


  • Prevents screen-saver activation and computer going into sleep mode
  • Prevents user inactivity events, such as log-in screen or Skype idle or away icon
  • Simulates USB mouse and generates unnoticeable, infrequent movements with advanced algorithm.
  • No software or drivers required, natively supported by all Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android systems
  • Plug and play, no configuration needed
  • Real hardware USB certified device, no software-like tricks
  • Durable, elegant enclosure (looks like USB receiver dongle)
  • Ultra small & discreet 16.90 mm (0.66″) in length (smallest available on the market)


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Mouse Jiggler