How to do Infinite Clone on Mifare Classic and Ultralight Card

There’s a NEW feature on Ver.20200223_R1 of MTools, named Infinite Clone, which will help you to clone Mifare Classic Card and Mifare Ultralight Tag much easier and save your time.

How to Use

  • Import a dump file or scan from the source card firstly.
  • Click on dump item and choose Sector 0.
  • Click CLONE Button.
  • Put the CUID card close to the NFC antenna.

Other Tips

  • Only CUID card’s block 0 can be written by NFC.
  • MTools will verify the BCC byte and SAK byte of sector 0.
  • Manual overwrite invalid block 0 of sector 0 will cause unrecoverable damage to the card.
  • CUID card doesn’t work on the backdoor command.
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