Unleashing the Power of Chameleon Ultra through MTools BLE App

A new wave of tech innovation was ushered in with the introduction of the Chameleon Ultra in 2023. Its ease of use, versatility of features, and compatibility with the MTools BLE App has been a game-changer, making it easier than ever to write on a myriad of cards, including Mifare Classic, gen1A (Chinese Magic card), gen2 (CUID card), gen3, and gen4 (ultimate magic card).

Chameleon Ultra integrated with MTools BLE App

Effortlessly Handle Data with MTools BLE

The MTools BLE App is engineered to simplify the process of importing Mifare Classic dumps. With its intuitive design, you can easily tweak dump data to create cards that are tailored to your specifications.

Resetting Cards to Default Keys with Ease

One of the stand-out features of MTools BLE is the ability to reset either Magic or ordinary Mifare Classic cards to default key A and key B: FFFFFFFFFFFF. This wipes existing data, prepping the card for fresh input.

Formatting cards process in MTools BLE App

Flexible Sector Writing

This app is equipped to format or write specific sectors, enabling you to access parts of the card without altering the entire data. It’s a convenient feature that makes card management more efficient.

Instantaneous Writing with a Single Click

When it comes to writing onto gen1A, gen2, gen3, and gen4, it’s a matter of a single click. But, if you’re dealing with a standard Mifare card, initial formatting is recommended to ensure optimum results.

Segment specific writing feature in MTools BLE App

By harnessing the capabilities of the Chameleon Ultra and MTools BLE, you’re in for a streamlined card-writing experience. These tech tools, once mastered, hands you an unsurpassed level of efficiency and customization.

2 thoughts on “Unleashing the Power of Chameleon Ultra through MTools BLE App

  1. Lalache says:

    Mon chameleon fonctionne très bien. Sauf pour une carte “tag gen 3” impossible à cloner.
    Il lit 15 secteur sur 16. Parfois il rate le 2 sur une autre carte qui ouvre la même porte il echou sur un secteur différent…. L.’emulation partielle de la carte n’ est même pas refusé par le lecteur elle n’est carrément pas détectée….
    Une idée ?

    • admin says:

      Please confirm if all keys are available. And the set the animation to minimal or none to check if it can be detected by the reader.

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