How to solve Serial Communication Error on Piswords UHF Reader

While using the Piswords UHF Reader with the provided software UHFReader09demo_en on their website, it always show Serial Communcation Error like the screenshot below. We’ve done a lot of testing, such as reboot the laptop, reinstall the latest CP210X driver, try the program in another language version but no luck.

And after checking with our engineer David, he just notice that the COM Port number is COM12, which is too large for this old demo program. It can be configured to a small COM Port number by the step below.

Change the Port Number

  1. Enter Device Managers
  2. Find the CP21X device
  3. Enter the advanced Settings
  4. Change to an available port number which is less than 12
  5. Applied and close the settings

Reconnect the reader

Unplug the reader from Windows and plugin again

Choose the specific Port

The port number in UHFReader09demo_en program is the same as the new one you set for the reader.

Open COM Port

Then the program can be worked with the UHF Reader and do UHF tag operation.

The UHF Reader from Piswords and MTools Tec both can change the TID of TID Changeable UHF Tag. This tutorial can be a solution if you’ve met the same Serial Communication Error issue.

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