What’s the Difference between 3 Generations of Mifare Magic Card

There are 3 generations of UID Changeable Mifare Classic 1K/4K cards on the market. To those who are new to RFID magic cards, here’s the complete summary of those cards in 2023. Gen1 Protocol UID Length Size Mechanism Android NFC PN532 / ACR122U Proxmark3 / iCopy-X Mifare S50 4 Byte 1kb 16 sectors 64 blocks […]

New Features added to MTools Lite App

MTools Lite as the Mifare Classic Tool for iOS, the PN532 BLE reader is necessary. And recently, we have add more features to the MTools Lite App. It’s named Lite, but the function is never lite. The PN532 chip can not only read the ordinal tag information, it can also be used to open the […]

Why did RRG stop ChameleonTiny and start ChameleonUltra?

Introduction of Chameleon Tiny The Chameleon Tiny Pro is a pocket-friendly powerful NFC emulation & manipulation tool that is based on the open-source project ChameleonMini https://github.com/emsec/ChameleonMini. The Chameleon Tiny is to be a smaller ChameleonMini and to be more end-consumer friendly. The Pro version adds Bluetooth connectivity for quicker interaction via the Android application. It […]

How to use Proxmark3 X on macOS

This tutorial is suitable for both M1 Chip and Intel Chip Macs. It is also suitable for Windows and Linux users. The only difference is that you need to install the driver for Windows and Linux users. The driver can be downloaded from the official website of proxmark3. The driver is not required for macOS […]

How to Change the UID of Chinese Magic Card on iPhone

As we know, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are equipped with NFC technology. It is a new technology that allows you to use your iPhone to make payments, share information, and more. But the NFC hardware on iPhone is limited with few features for clients. So we can’t use it to do some […]

How to change the UID of ISO15693 ICode SLI Card with Proxmark3 X

According to NXP.com, The I·CODE SLI IC is a dedicated chip for intelligent label applications like supply chain management as well as baggage and parcel identification in the airline business and mail services. This IC is the first member of a product family of smart label ICs based on the ISO standard ISO/IEC 15693. The […]

How to Flash Firmware of Proxmark3 X on the Phone

Proxmark3 X comes with Bluetooth Module and USB Socket Extensions. And Proxmark3 X also supports the official Proxmark3 Firmware from RRG. The repository of original Proxmark3 Firmware is listed below. Repository: RfidResearchGroup/proxmark3 Proxmark3 X Documents: https://proxmark3x.mtoolstec.com Stable Firmware of Proxmark3 X: Firmware of Proxmark3 X But Proxmark3 X is specifically built with specific functions. We […]

How to Clone Mifare Card to Mi Band NFC with iCopy-XS

As the most powerful hand-hold RFID Device, iCopy-X is super easy to clone the Mifare Classic 1K card to your Mi Band. There’re only 4 steps to finish the whole process. Preparation iCopy-XS device and 1 pc Mifare Magic Card. Zepp Life App. Steps to Clone 1. Get Full Dump Data of Original Card Put […]