iCopy-X Technical Report

iCopy-X is the game-changer of RFID devices. Its portable design and smart multiple solutions make fast decoding a reality. iCopy-X will help you quickly become an expert in the RFID area. Extreme RF Optimization Decodable Card Types Built-in Storage & Tools Playability For Learning Ability of Decoding

How iCopy-X works as Proxmark3 RDV4

iCopy-X can works as an pocket Proxmark3 RDV4, during reading or cracking keys, when you press button right, it will navigator to the familiar command UI as Proxmark3 terminal on Windows. iCopy-X vs Proxmark3 The most powerful all-in-one RFID Copier with a built-in screen. No need extra host controller.

How to use Chameleon Tiny – Clone Card

What’s Chameleon Tiny? The ChameleonTiny is an impossibly small version of the Chameleon Mini RevG, designed as a keychain emulator for all your HF tags. Emulating, storing, and manipulating RFID tags is a vital part of any pen-testing assignment. Its pocket small design makes it can be the smallest RFID device in our hand. How to enable […]

How To Fix Magic Mifare Classic Card

The Magic Mifare Classic 1K card has not only changeable UID but also full backer door command support. When we write error data to the magic card cards, they also can be no response or dead. Here’s the tutorial to fix the Magic Mifare Classic Card. When to fix magic card? It was written with […]

How to make PN532 work on Bluetooth

Usually, PN532 is used to work on USB serial board. And with Bluetooth Serial Board, it can be turned into a wireless RFID Detector. Here’s the tutorial of How to make PN532 work on Bluetooth. Video Tutorial Step 1: Prepare materials and tools The boards and main parts we need. PN532 *1 USB2TTL *1 Bluetooth […]

How to Clone to Magic Card with MTools

In general, cloning a magic card requires a complicated software compilation process under Windows or Linux, and operates on a complex command line. However, with the MTools app, you can never clone a magic card with such elegance and simplicity.

What’s the Differences Between Mifare Classic 1K, 4K and Mini Card

The most widely used RFID card on the world is the Mifare Classic 1K card. You might start leaning RFID by using the Mifare Classic Tools or MTools app on Android. There exist more than 3 types of Mifare Classic Card on the market. The top 3 you may see are named 1K card, 4K […]

How to use Mifare Classic Offline Cracker

MFOC is an open-source implementation of an “offline nested” attack by Nethemba. It allows recovering authentication keys from the MIFARE Classic card. Project on Github https://github.com/nfc-tools/mfoc Build from Source MFOC Help MFOC Example Have a try Connect PN532 to Linux, macOS, Windows or Android Devices. 2. Open a terminal and read the card type with […]

How to do Infinite Clone on Mifare Classic and Ultralight Card

There’s a NEW feature on Ver.20200223_R1 of MTools, named Infinite Clone, which will help you to clone Mifare Classic Card and Mifare Ultralight Tag much easier and save your time.