How to Clone Mifare Card to Mi Band NFC with iCopy-XS

As the most powerful hand-hold RFID Device, iCopy-X is super easy to clone the Mifare Classic 1K card to your Mi Band. There’re only 4 steps to finish the whole process. Preparation iCopy-XS device and 1 pc Mifare Magic Card. Zepp Life App. Steps to Clone 1. Get Full Dump Data of Original Card Put […]

How to change UID of Mifare Classic S70 4K Tag with Proxmark3 X

Learn how to change the UID of Mifare Classic S70 4K card by Proxmark3 X.

Mifare Classic Tool vs MTools

Mifare Classic Tool and MTools are the most welcome apps on Play Store which have well support for Mifare Classic cards. Mifare Classic Tools is an open-source app while MTools has paid features that need to be unlocked with an in-app purchase or the MTools activation code. Rank on Play Store Mifare Classic Tools is […]

MTools Compiled SDK Updated to 31

In recent updates of MTools from 19 March 2022, the crashes always happened on Android 12 devices after the app updating. We apologize for what happened and didn’t do a full test on all types of devices before updating to all users. The most serious log of the crashes on Android 12 devices is listed […]

How To Use PN532 To Restore Mifare Classic 1K Keys on Android Phone

PCR532 and All-in-one PN532 are the lightest full-function PN532-based RFID hacking device that can easily work around with 13.56MHz tags. PCR532 is even built with Bluetooth support. In this article, you’ll learn how to crack Mifare Classic 1K keys with PCR532 on a single Android phone. What’s Mifare Classic 1K Keys? Mifare Classic 1K card […]

How To Use Proxmark3 Commands

photo of person typing on computer keyboard

Proxmark3 is one of the most powerful RFID Devices for learning technology of Low-Frequency 125kHz tag and High Frequency 13.56Mhz tag. In this article, you’ll learn the common commands of Proxmark3 to do RFID testing. Common Type help – show help text data – GUI operation exit – Exit Proxmark3 terminal hf – Show all […]

How To Test PN532 Working With Bluetooth Module?

While choosing Bluetooth Module for wireless connection between mobile and the PN532 board, there exist 3 types of Bluetooth Module on the market, SPP type, BLE type, and Dual-Mode type. SPP stands for Serial Port Profile for Bluetooth under the 3.0 version. BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy for Bluetooth over the 4.0 version. The […]

How To Upgrade Firmware for iCopy-X

iCopy-X is well-known as the next generation of Proxmark3 RDV4. It’s released on Kickstarter for 3 series, iCopy-X, iCopy-XR, and iCopy-XS. It’s the most powerful RFID hacking device in the world, also the team has been developing new features and continuing to provide the latest firmware support for the device. Here’re the steps to get […]

How To Get Free MTools Activation Code

MTools activation code can be used on the MTools app and MTools BLE app. MTools Lite app is developed with Flutter code language, and it’s synchronized published on App Store and Play Store. Now we provide time-limited deals to get free activation codes for both MTools and MTools BLE app. Steps To Get Code for […]

How To Charge Multi-sector of Mifare Classic 1K Card

In version Ver.20210731_R1 of the MTools app on Google Play, we’ve added NEW FREE FEATURES which include charging Multi-sector of Mifare Classic 1K card with a single click. Here’s the comparison between upgrading before and after. Charging A Single Sector Add card, sector and keys of the card. Mark byte and apply rules of the […]