How To Preview Expression And Data Before Writing Back

After all the value bytes and check bytes have been marked and all expressions have been added, we need to confirm if the data generated by MTools is valid or not.

How To Use Expression Helper in MTools

MTools uses the mXparser library, so it can fully calculate with all the algorithms provided by mXparser. mXparser Website: In most cases, the calculation method used by Mifare Classic cards is XOR, sum, negation, CRC, etc. in logical operations. When summing consecutive bytes, you need to repeat the input. In order to save time […]

How to clone Mifare Ultralight Tag on Android

Today, NFC tags are widely used in various fields, such as product information, authenticity verification, etc. Sometimes we need to clone NFC tags to fit more of the same application scenarios. This article will show how to clone NFC tags quickly with MTools.

Can UID be changed on Mifare 1K Card?

A lot of guys want to clone their access card, so they buy more Mifare 1k card to copy to. But after the package received, what they found is that block 0 of sector 0 can not be modified. The answer is NO to general MIFARE 1K Card. Main Reason Card Type Read/Write Device Apps […]